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Google Cloud Platform performs with pathetic 99.8% uptime - worse than the cheapest hosting providers.
Last month we got 326 crashes out of 172,922 API requests.

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Google Maps API team just sent me couple of emails.
The gist of the changes is that:
1) Going forward Google Maps API strongly encourages using API key, even from JavaScript version that runs from users' browsers.
2) "Google Maps JavaScript API" and "Google Maps Geocoding API" are going to use free quota associated with that API key.
That means Google is likely to start charging for these requests much sooner.

The prices are not high: $0.50 per 1000 requests.
That means for 1 cent we can make 20 requests.

It is a good deal for Geocoding API that we really need.
It is not such a good deal for rendering Google Maps snippets on our web site, because we do not really need them that much.

So far I plan to ignore their advise "to begin using a key for all requests immediately.", and rely on their claim that "For the time being your domain has been whitelisted for keyless usage."
I guess using keyless requests from browser should be ok. (PostJobFree already uses API key for server-side requests to Google Maps Geocoding API).

I am also tempted to remove Google Maps from jobs and resume pages on
It is not obvious if having these Google Maps snippet our PostJobFree pages adds value to our users.

What do you think I should do?
From: Google Maps APIs 
Date: Wednesday, June 22, 2016, 8:43:08 PM
Subject: [Action required] Google Maps API requests are missing a project key

===8<==============Original message text===============
This email is intended for the administrator of If you are not affiliated with, please disregard.

Hello developer,

Today we announced updates for the Google Maps API Standard Plan, including marking keyless usage of any of the Google Maps APIs as unsupported. As part of these changes, we are attempting to contact developers making requests without a key to advise them of possible impacts to their implementation.

We notice that is accessing Google Maps APIs without a key and believe you may administer that domain. For the time being your domain has been whitelisted for keyless usage. However, API keys allow Google to protect an application's uptime and contact developers with mandatory service announcements, therefore we advise you to begin using a key for all requests immediately. 

To register a free API key for your application:
Visit the Google API Manager Console.
Create or select a project and click "Continue" to enable APIs and related services.
On the Credentials page, get a Browser Key (and set the API credentials).
Add your API key to all application requests.
To prevent quota theft, secure your API key following these best practices.
(Optional) Enable billing. See Usage Limits for more information.
Note if you have an existing Browser key, you may use that key.
For more information on these changes, please refer to the Standard Plan updates summary.

Thanks for using our APIs, 
The Google Maps API team 
© 2016 Google Inc., 1600 Amphitheatre Parkway, Mountain View, CA 94043 
You've received this mandatory email service announcement about important changes to your Google Maps for Work product or account. 
===8<===========End of original message text===========

Update: Decline of Google Maps team
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Запрос к Google "Удали пожалуйста комментарий, у нас в семье горе" выдаёт мне один результат:

Результат поиска показывает на, но найденного комментария на этой странице уже нет (вероятно, удалили).

При поиске с некоторых мест (Архангельск, Michigan) этот результат не видно (и показываются результаты поиска без кавычек).
При поиске с других мест (California, Florida) - видно.

А вам - видно?
Напишите, пожалуйста, откуда вы делали поиск.

Из дискуссии отсюда

Гугл, оказывается, до сих пор хранит кэш:
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За ответ - из садика уволили [src]

Вопрос дня ~год назад (23 февраля 2014): где янукович?

Оказывается, Путин улетел в будущее:


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