Apr. 13th, 2017

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Several weeks ago one guy called me and asked me for information about one already closed premium account on PostJobFree.com

Somehow it was important for him, but I still could not understand how.
I thought that he would disappear, but it looks like he managed to hire a lawyer who sent a subpoena for that information to PostJobFree Inc.

Here it is:
Subpoena for the case of "State of Mariland vs Levi Williams"

Subpoena Duces Tecum

Certificate of Service

Unfortunately, unlike Subpoena from FBI, this one did not contain email address.

So I called to the Circuit court for Baltimore City.
A nice, but unenthusiastic country clerk answered the phone.
She was NOT eager to verify that the subpoena is, actually, for their county court and recommended to contact the lawyer who actually sent the subpoena to me.
She refused to give me any advice about what would happen if I simply ignore the subpoena: "I am just a county clerk and cannot give you a legal advice".
So I called the legal office of Ryan L. Burke.
This time I was welcomed by Desiree - a secretary of Ryan Burke.
Desiree was more enthusiastic, quickly understood who I am and asked me to send them information that I have.
I asked for her email address, sent her test email, got reply and then emailed some records I found related to Infinity Recruiting Group, LLC.

I also asked Desiree how that information can be useful for them, but she said that I should ask Ryan L. Burke that.
There is a good change I would never find an answer to that question ...


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