Apr. 9th, 2017

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I bought NUC7i3BNH.
Then I tried to install Windows Server 2016 Standard on that NUC.
Windows Server installation itself was successful, but several drivers, including Network Adapters(!) and "Multimedia Audio Controller" - did not install.

Search for drivers brought me to:
where to my amazement I discovered that most of NUCs do NOT support Windows Server OS.

Further research pointed me to a hack that allows to manually use Windows 10 drivers on Windows Server 2016.
It goes like this:
1) Open C:\install\LAN_Server2016_64_22\PRO1000\Winx64\NDIS65\e1d65x64.inf
2) From this section:

copy these 3 lines:
%E15D8NC.DeviceDesc% = E15D8.10.0.1, PCI\VEN_8086&DEV_15D8
%E15D8NC.DeviceDesc% = E15D8.10.0.1, PCI\VEN_8086&DEV_15D8&SUBSYS_00008086
%E15D8NC.DeviceDesc% = E15D8.10.0.1, PCI\VEN_8086&DEV_15D8&SUBSYS_00011179

into this section:

3) Then turn off drivers checks:
bcdedit /set TESTSIGNING OFF

4) And finally install the driver:
pnputil.exe -i -a C:\install\LAN_Server2016_64_22\PRO1000\Winx64\NDIS65\e1d65x64.inf

After that Network (and Internet) started working on my new NUC.

But I do not understand - why Intel does not allow these drivers under Windows Server 2016 by default?

Update: Windows Server 2016 on NUC7i3BNH struggles - part 2.
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Start of the struggles here.

Update 1:
1) I was able to make audio work.
So "Multimedia Audio Controller" disappeared from this list:

2) I installed bluetooth drivers (looks successful, but I did not test if it actually works).

3) I was NOT able to make wireless network adapter work.
I successfully installed Intel® Wireless Adapter Driver for Intel® NUC Kits NUC7i[x]BN from Intel® NUC Kit NUC7i3BNH.

4) I updated NUC's chipset device software.

5) When rebooting after installing Windows Server updates ("Cumulative Update for Windows Server 2016 for x64-based Systems (KB4015438).") -- NUC is showing "We couldn't complete the updates. Undoing changes" message.
Then after couple of reboots that cumulative update is gone, but suggests to install itself again.

So, overall impression of "Windows Server 2016 on NUC7i3BNH" is poor.
I do not really want to spend too much time on troubleshooting these silly issues, introduced by greedy sales managers.

I do not really want to work with Windows 10 either, so I consider returning this NUC7i3BNH and possibly buying "older" and more expensive NUC version: NUC6i7KYK ("NUC Skull") because NUC Skull does officially support Windows Server OS.

What would you recommend me to do?

Update 2: rezkiy and yatur suggested ulterior motives to explain Intel's decision to not support Windows Server for most of their NUCs. The overall direction of these explanations seem right, but some details seem to be missing.
What do you think?


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