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Masters (extraterrestrial slugs) are turning humans into slaves and the world is divided. Problem is that even in the "free" territory only relationships Heinlein could imagine are master : slaves relationship. Love interest of our hero is intelligent woman and when she marries him, she turns into obedient slave with very limited vocabulary ("yes, dear"). The boss of our hero (and his father) is his master until the moment they switch the roles and afterwards he's just a slave. Etc. I started wondering why they're so dead set against those slugs. :(

This novel really hasn't aged well.

Download "The Puppet Masters"
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Letterman: But you are worth like 4 billion dollars or something?
Trump: I hope so.
Trump: We are living in very precarious times. If you look at what certain countries are doing to this country, such as Japan. I mean, they've totally taken advantage of the country. ...

Trump did not change.

Back then he was vague about his wealth he is vague about his wealth now.

Back then he was blaming other countries (Japan) for taking advantage of the US. Now he is blaming other countries (China and Mexico) for taking advantage of the US.

More Trump history.
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Battle of RaseiniaiРасейняйское сражение

Thanks to novich-ok

Из литовской Википедии:

В русскоязычной википедии авторы статьи включать картинки постеснялись.


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