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I think these sanctions would end up being mostly symbolic and would have no real effect. Which is exactly how it should be, considering that some limited lobbying of US elections by other countries is a good thing (it keeps countries together).

The overwhelmingly bipartisan vote of 97-2 sent a message to Vladimir Putin that lawmakers on both sides of the aisle are serious about punishing Russia for its actions last year -- and sent a message to Trump that they're serious about ensuring that those sanctions stay in place until Congress is ready to lift them.

German Chancellor Angela Merkel's spokesman ... said it was "strange" that sanctions intended to punish Russia for alleged interference in the U.S. elections could also trigger penalties against European companies.
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Letterman: But you are worth like 4 billion dollars or something?
Trump: I hope so.
Trump: We are living in very precarious times. If you look at what certain countries are doing to this country, such as Japan. I mean, they've totally taken advantage of the country. ...

Trump did not change.

Back then he was vague about his wealth he is vague about his wealth now.

Back then he was blaming other countries (Japan) for taking advantage of the US. Now he is blaming other countries (China and Mexico) for taking advantage of the US.

More Trump history.
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Donald Trump suggested to pay for the wall from the new 20% tax on Mexican imports. Lawmakers refused to cooperate. So Trump changed his mind.

That made me think if Trump understands what he is going to do with the economy.
But the thing is that economy is not the only Trump's consideration. More importantly, he has to comply with public opinion. Unfortunately that public opinion is self-destructive on multiple issues.
So balancing public opinion vs practical economic goals is hard.

I believe that in order to increase our economic benefits - we should reduce government regulations ~5x (or, at least, 2x for starters).
Which means that government should work mostly on reducing regulations, not on introducing new ones.

However that thing with reducing government regulations is actually not that simple.
Complex government regulations could serve an important role of circumventing popular (but dumb) public opinion.
For example:
1) Complex tax code (such as tax deductions) allows to effectively reduce taxes without offending popular public opinion that we should tax rich people a lot.
2) Introducing legal minimum wage allows to discriminate against low skill people and keep them away from affluent neighborhoods.

Politics is really complex and hard to grasp.
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10 months ago when I took isidewith quiz, Trump was much further down.
But now he moved closer to my views and is in the second place (after Gary Johnson).
Now Trump and I share 79% of views (was 69% back in October 2015).
It looks like Trump is doing what analysts predicted he would be doing: after winning Republican primaries he changed his rhetoric to embrace some popular Democratic and Libertarian views.

Hillary Clinton was at 67% and now she is down to 64%.
It's a wrong move after winning Democratic Primaries.
It looks like she does not want to win this elections.


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