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Just finished watching 13 Reasons Why
Somewhere around Tape 4 Side A.
I just could not tolerate the level of stupidity and incompetence of all key characters anymore.

Not only characters were stupid, they were inconsistently stupid: smart in some situations and stupid in others.

Obviously that show is an exaggeration of a real life, but is there any base in reality for their mistakes?

Pretty much the main mistake they all make - is severe under-communication.
Every time when it's obvious that the problem is serious and needs to be talked out - one or another character makes sure to shut up and run away.

Looking back into my real life, I see that under-communication problem actually does happen in real life. Especially with teenagers.
However in real life under-communication rarely goes to such extremes.
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Masters (extraterrestrial slugs) are turning humans into slaves and the world is divided. Problem is that even in the "free" territory only relationships Heinlein could imagine are master : slaves relationship. Love interest of our hero is intelligent woman and when she marries him, she turns into obedient slave with very limited vocabulary ("yes, dear"). The boss of our hero (and his father) is his master until the moment they switch the roles and afterwards he's just a slave. Etc. I started wondering why they're so dead set against those slugs. :(

This novel really hasn't aged well.

Download "The Puppet Masters"
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My daughter shared her rant about how hard it is for modern teenagers when life around is so good.
Of course the parents and society are responsible and clueless at the same time.
Of course it has nothing to do with poor teenagers that are slaves to their circumstances.
It sounded like a parody, but she was quite sincere in it.


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