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As long as Skype sucks, it’s pretty clear to everyone that Microsoft is in no danger of pioneering any revolutionary new UI paradigms when you have yet to master getting any of the old ones right yet.
Basic video conferencing with a little audio and a dumb camera are barely functional in the year 2017 and the clowns responsible for it are getting wall-to-wall press coverage about the fairy-tale technology they are contriving to solve tiny irrelevant problems, INSTEAD of making their own multi-billion dollar telecommunications platform work reliably so that I can ACTUALLY stay in my own home instead of having to constantly spend thousands of dollars traveling on businesses.
What if - you just made video conferencing so reliable that you put hotels, rental cars and the airlines completely out of business?

To be fair, telecommuting is getting better over time. Mostly because internet channels are getting faster and more reliable.
I do not need video, but I need a screen sharing.
Unfortunately Skype misbehaves when there are multiple people joining conference: screensharing may unexpectedly stop, participants may drop or simply do not hear each other...
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Watch for Obama delivering Bush W speech at 1:13.

Top comment on YouTube: "This is going to revolutionize the Tom Hanks porn industry."
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Just read on HN that Google Wave was created by the same people as Google Maps.

In early 2003, Rasmussen and his brother Lars started Where 2 Technologies, a mapping project that developed the prototype of their mapping application called Expedition. Google acquired Where 2 Technologies in October 2004, and the Rasmussen brothers then became Google employees. Both brothers were on the team that launched Google Maps in early 2005.
Rasmussen invented Google Wave in 2004, while the brothers were in talks with Google about selling Where 2 Technologies to Google. The Rasmussen brothers started working on Google Wave in 2006, and in 2007 Jens moved to Sydney, Australia, where he continued working with Lars and a small team on the Google Wave idea, under the project name Walkabout. Google Wave was an open source code internet application launched in 2009 and discontinued in 2012.

My nice theory that startup/product success is 90% predefined by founders/creator just went down in flames.
... or did Google Wave die because initial prototype cannot be developed in a big corp environment with endless resources?


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