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This is good explanation of why too detailed software development plans for do not make sense.

The problem with this approach is that it fundamentally misunderstands the nature of software development. That it is a creative and experimental process. Software development is a complex system of multiple poorly understood feedback loops and interactions. It is an organic process of trial and error, false starts, experiments and monumental cock-ups. Numerous studies have shown that effective creative work is best done by motivated autonomous experts. As developers we need to be free to try things out, see how they evolve, back away from bad decisions, maybe try several different things before we find one that works. We don’t have hard numbers for why we want to try this or that, or why we want to stop in the middle of this task and throw away everything we’ve done. We can’t really justify all our decisions, many them are hunches, many of them are wrong.

Discussion on HN:
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Yesterday Priya could not extract file from our HTTP POST request.
Today we found out why.

See below the highlights of our email discussion.


Could you please cooperate with us on what I and Andrey requested from you?

You already refused Skype session with us.
Skype is the fastest way to resolve technical difficulties like that.

But if you are not able to troubleshoot your environment issues with us over Skype - please at least send us what we asked for:
- Code snippets (Indeed Apply resume file extraction vs PostJobFree request file extraction).
- Value from $post['resumeData'] variable you are getting from PostJobFree request.

Sorry about my Skype, I normally do not get online unless very emergency since its very distracting, but I tend to check and reply all emails received I hope you agree.

Please see attached
1. the resume after save
2. resume content from post before save
3. post data raw, two versions, without xss filter and with xss filter
4. indeed apply
5. postjobfree apply


1) Thank you, that clarifies what is happening in your system a little.

2) candidate_post_raw.txt contains only part of resumeData (about 70% of original resumeData listed in ).


I already tried to post resumeData to your prod endpoint few hours ago

yes, I found it, and it works :)
see attached, please send some more so I can validate


The attachment looks correct.

So what was the root cause for the problem?

It seem I had a copy paste issue on requestbin, the main logic was in place and no change required actually
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My take on how to handle users permissions in software application:
Role-based permissions vs. Enterprise permissions

Use shorter "Users-Roles-Features" mapping instead of enterprisy "Users-Groups-Privileges-Features" mapping.


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