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I was surprised today that very few people understand what falsifiability means and how to apply that useful evaluation tool.

Of course I knew pretty well, that an average person has no idea about what Popper's criteria of falsifiability is.
But most of my online friends do not understand what "Falsifiability" means either.

It is a pity, because Falsifiability criteria - is a very powerful tool that allows to quickly separate potentially useful theories from pseudo-scientific scam.

Hopefully my friends understand better what testability is (the meaning of "testability" and "falsifiability" overlaps a lot).
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Couple of days ago a scam team, in order to sign up for premium membership on -- hacked couple of real business emails: and
Both emails seems to belong to real estate agents.

I was able to find and reach actual owners of these email addresses on the phone.
They do not seem to be very concerned about their email addresses being compromised.
Both email owners confirmed that they did not make premium orders on our web site and then indicated that they prefer to continue with their other business instead of digging deeper into that email hacking ...

How much would you care if you learned that your email account was hacked?

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This fraudulent job was posted from Ukrainian IP address ( to United Arab Emirates location:
Receptionist,Security guards and drivers at Mount Sinai Hospit MOUNT SINAI HOSPITAl 6000 we are in need of the following workers
General Practitioner
lab technician
Hospital driver
Security man and many more
get back to me with your resume .it is interesting to know that there is an added allowance upon the salary

After one of candidates applied to that job, the scammer emailed to the candidate:

March 27, 2017 3:00 PM, infomount sinaihospital <> wrote
Dear Candidate,

The human resource department of Mount Sinai Hospital USA
welcomes you once more. We have received and read through CV and the responses presented with satisfaction. After reading through them .we have accepted to employ you in the hospital for the vacancy you applied for .We also made this decision based on your
resume and partly on the answers to the few questions. Also, we will
like to let you know that employees must arrive here in the United States one week before resumption date for proper orientation. We hereby present to you the general terms and conditions under which you have been employed


1) SALARY: Salary allocated for this position is $5400 USD monthly.
i) ALLOWANCES: You are entitled to $100 USD weekly allowance
exclusive from salary.
ii) SALARY INCREMENT: You shall have a 5% salary increment at the end of the first six months of effective service.

2) ACCOMMODATION/ ENTERTAINMENT: The Company assists you by paying up to 50% of your consummation bills. The accommodation includes a two room apartment with internet facilities, toilet and kitchen fully equipped not too far from the hospital(just a walk)

3) WORKING HOURS, RESTING DAYS AND HOLIDAYS: You will work 6 days a week, (54 hours) . Work starts from 8:00 A.M. to 12:00 AM and 1:00 PM to 5:00 PM. You will be free all through Sundays as from 10:00am. You shall have a two week break after every 5 months

4) OVERTIME WORK AND COMPENSATION: For any activity carried out outside the work time schedule above, you shall be compensated in accordance with the labor code.

5) OBLIGATIONS: You are obliged to do your best at work especially during the hours of work.

6) DURATION OF CONTRACT: The contract will have a duration of two years and may be renewed or terminated upon the decision of one or both parties with justified reasons

7) BENEFITS: Employees shall be registered with the company's health
assurance policy, have a one week trial period upon your arrival at
the company during which you shall be compensated according to the
labor code

8) UNIFORM: Employees shall appear in the Hospital’s official uniform

9) CONTRACT SIGNING: A contract document shall be sent for you to sign if you agree to the terms and conditions of the job

10) EMPLOYMENT POLICY: Our employment policy states that all foreign employees shall travel with an H-1B work visa and shall pay for the cost of processing of their travel documents (work Permit, Visa etc.) for security purpose. Since all applications for H-1B work visa must pass through the United States Citizenship and immigration services (USCIS) and the American immigration lawyers association (AILA) for approval before a visa a endorsed, our Hospital‘s lawyer barrister Ayoub who is a member of this association will be responsible for the follow up of all the processes until a visa is due for you at the United States embassy in your country. You are required to pay $250 directly to the lawyer for all the paper work and other expenditures. The hospital shall be responsible for your flight ticket after your visa has been endorsed. It should be noted that before you can travel to the United States and start work, you will need some documents which are required for your entry and work in here. The documents are:

Social Security Number (SSN)
Migration clearance
Work Permit
Residential Permit
Contract form

11) REQUIREMENTS: The following documents and information shall be required from you in order to process the above required documents which will facilitate your relocation to the United States

- A scanned copy of your passport
- Birth certificate (optional)
- 2 color passport size photos
- Your current home address, city and country
- Your Contact Phone Number

The above information shall be used to process all documents
necessary for your travel and work. While hoping that the
above terms and conditions are satisfactory, we await your response
with the requested documents and information. Thank you

Jane maksoud

Human Resource Department

Mount Sinai Hospital
One gustave l. Levy place
New york, ny 10029-6574
+1 315-512-2319
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A job seeker asked me if "Reliance Capital Limited" company that contacted her is a legitimate employer.
Judging by the company name and the way they communicated with her (text-only) - it probably is a scam.

But in order to find out for sure if recruiter is real deal:
1) Call them (scammers frequently try to avoid talking on the phone and hide behind text messages and emails).
2) Assume that there could be a scammer on another end and do not reveal your sensitive personal details.
3) Typical signs of scammers:
- Bad phone connection quality (because scammers frequently use internet proxy).
- _Heavy_ foreign accent from a poor country (typically Nigerian accent, but occasionally could be Russian or some other accent). The scammer would may insist that they are in the US or in London.
- Incoherent business story (ask them what they sell to their customers).

Game loss

Nov. 6th, 2016 05:39 am
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Yesterday I lost 12 hours playing

But at least I am not loosing money alongside with the time -- like clients of Darin Notaro (AKA Steve Stevens) do:

Yes, this scam is live and well in the sports betting world. There is even a CNBC reality TV show called "Money Talks" that documents and encourages this; as documented by the show:
The recipe is:
1. Cold call people on a lead sheet for people indicate interest on placing bets on sports games.
2. Sell interested folks with a "two week package" for $250; seems pricey, but the name of the game is to filter out the minnows catch gullible whales. You want folks who are "vested" on this and prove they have the cash to be scammed. Double-side your bets or smarter yet, side your bets by the probability implied by the Vegas oddsmakers (50% Team One Wins, 50% Team Two Wins or 70% Team One Wins, 30% Team two if spread is that way).
3. After a couple of weeks pass, call up the people who have won 4 or 5 games in a row, inevitable happenstance by sheer probability. Upsell them on a "weekend Vegas package" where they can gamble on higher stakes preferably $50K-$75K; because you're seem now as a infallible genius by the marks, you charge them a 35%-50% commission on their wins.
4. Doesn't matter if your client wins or lose. Take home the 50% commission on their churn and move onto the next one. Rinse and repeat.
The show is highly entertaining and enlightening not because of the extreme doucheness of the head scammer and his salesmen, but the marks who delude themselves as they lose game after game and gets scammed - all followed by the camera-men of CNBC and the spin-motivational commentary of the scammers.

It's fascinating, how "Money Talks - Sports Handicapping Reality TV" show is built in a "wrestling games" style: it does not lie and shows almost all relevant facts, but at the same time allows people who like to get duped - stay duped.

Anybody that says that they are going to make 71.3% the entire baseball season, besides ourselves - they are lying.
It's a masterpiece:
1) Darin Notaro does not claim that he makes 71.3% correct forecasts (which is important for legal reasons).
2) A gullible person may easily believe that Darin Notaro makes 71.3% correct forecasts.
3) The precision Darin puts into that number creates an impression of real number and makes it more believable.

The funny thing about that 71.3% claim is that it is a money-loosing proposition to agree to pay 50% of the winnings if you win less than 100% of the time.
With 71.3% winnings if you give away 50% of the money you win - you loose 28.7%

But 71.3% claim is also unrealistic:
The 70% claim was a red flag for a lot of sports betting folks. Voulgaris, whom Nate Silver called the best sports bettor in the world, only wins about 57% of his NBA bets.
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Подскажите Максиму:
В этой истории нет программистов, EXE — сугубо математический проект в котором ГРУБО-ГОВОРЯ один ебанутый буддист беспредельшик, а второй сумашедший математик с третьей степенью инвалидности. Жду рассказа KNOW HOW устроить успешный производственный процесс.

С разных сторон желательно!

Оказывается это была псевдо-научная разводка корпоративного спонсора.
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Dealing with fraudulent job posting is a part of my daily routine.
Usually these cases are simple and scammers are easy to identify:
- Job descriptions with easily recognizable pattern of fraud.
- Heavy "African" (Nigerian?) accent on the phone.
- Bad quality phone connection (because they frequently call over poor Internet connection and use IP proxies).
They rarely learn from their mistakes which makes it easy to spot them next time.

Last several days I got unusual level of attention from more sophisticated ring of scammers from Russia.

Work as the courier
Initially scammers used free email address ( for their account.
I got a call from a girl with some Russian accent (not as strong as my own accent though).
She called herself Jess Entoro and claimed to currently be in Atlanta, GA.
She claimed to represent TOPS Consulting, but did not have access to email.

Here's her job posting
Title: Work as the courier
Company: tops consulting
Work as the courier in the consulting company.

That job posting looks quite suspicious, but "Jess" was somewhat convincing in her business story, so initially I was not sure if I am rejecting fraudster or a proper employer.
(BTW, we spoke mostly Russian, which was fun for a change).
When I asked "Jess" what phone number she called from - she gave me my own phone number.
When I said to her that this is my phone number - she gave me 1-678-999-4505, which, surprisingly, worked.

I told "Jess" that her free email is a reason for rejection.
She learned.

Customer Operations Manager
Their next fraudulent account was created under

Unfortunately for scammers, it is easy to see that was created only several days ago:
Creation Date: 2015-10-23T05:40:58Z
Registrant Name: Sergey Sudakov
Registrant Organization:
Registrant Street: Komsomolskaia 12
Registrant City: Kashira
Registrant State/Province: KDA
Registrant Postal Code: 142901
Registrant Country: RU
Registrant Phone: +7.9992745920

This time asked me (by email) to talk with his secretary.
"Secretary" called me from 1-347-349-5499 and named herself "Skyler".
"Skyler" spoke pure American English without any Russian accent and claimed to live and be born in Columbus, OH.

She told me somewhat convincing "business" story about how they help their customers to evaluate new partnerships and identify fraud.
She said that pretty much any company [that buys or sell goods] could be their customer.
However she was not interested in considering PostJobFree as a customer for their services (business that is not interested in selling their product is usually a fraud).

I asked Skyler if she is using "" email.
She said "yes".
Then I asked her for how long she's been using that email, and she told me "couple of years".
I re-asked her 3 of times in order to be sure we understand each other.
She played "I do not have that much time" card and asked for a refund.
I promised her that and we finished our conversation.

Several minutes later, out of curiosity, I called her back (1-347-349-5499), but that number simply do not connect (silence).

I also found that fraudsters posted the same "job" on craigslist.
Within a day craigslist deleted this posting:
This posting has been flagged for removal.

Here is a copy of that job.
Try to spot red flags here:
Title: Customer Operations Manager
We are a professional company that has been providing amazing service to our clients with the help of our amazing employees for over 10 years now. Currently we are seeking a Customer Operations Manager in the Columbus area.
This is a great opportunity not only for those with management experience but also for someone looking for a career change as well, we will provide you with all the necessary training!
Job responsibilities include managing our client’s business operations, enabling them to be informed of all aspects of every step. Monitoring quality of communication and business between existing clients. Processing and overseeing contracts, and other important papers, filing reports on completed work. Maintaining and updating client information profiles.
Starting out this position would take up several hours per day and is a work from home position. If you decide you would like to grow within our company we have an opportunity for the right person to head our new office opening soon and others to become employed full time there, although you could stay at part time working from home if that’s what you find most rewarding.
The pay is starting at $2700 monthly plus Instant Bonuses, there is opportunity for great money to be made! This position can be combined with school and full time employment.
If you would like to take advantage of this opportunity provide your resume with your contact information and we will review your candidacy.


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