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Part 1, Part 2

Happy day on a beach:

A sitting duck on a parking lot:

Gloomy mood after receiving the ticket:
Why did it happen? What do I do now?

It turned out that cops are giving tickets for parking on a grass in our area for at least 12 years:
Julie Wintz of Ponte Vedra Beach finds a parking ticket on the windshield of a friend's car Sunday at Mickler's Landing. The car was parked on the grass.
On Saturday afternoon, sheriff's Deputy Gene Ash was busy writing tickets for every vehicle parked along the side of Mickler's lot, on the grass and next to trees. He said he wrote about 30 on Memorial Day weekend.

Couple of years ago I parked "along the side of Mickler's lot, on the grass", but did not get ticket back then.

I guess this time my luck ran out.

I learned "no parking on a grass in Ponte Vedra Beach" rule.

There is no point to go in court, since most likely outcome would be "guilty".
Spending couple hours in court might be fun and educational, but there are many other things that are educational and take less time.

Couple of my neighbors are also saying that they would have "just pay" in similar situation (or actually did pay).

So, I'm going to mail-in $40 and put that story behind me.
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My parking ticket story continues.

My St.Johns county clerk office quickly replied to my email.
Dear Mr. Gorelik,

You have a few options in regards to this matter.
You can request a court hearing (Parking/Court Request form attached),
or pay the $40.00 penalty within 30 days from the date of "violation".

To inquire about the "No parking" sign situation you must contact the
Issuing Agency (SJSO 904-824-8304).

If you have further questions please call our office at 904-819-3628 /
Option 4.


Traffic/Parking Dept
St Johns Co. Clerks Office

Unfortunately St Johns Sheriff's office (SJSO) did not give me the explanation, but instead transferred my call internally (3 times) then transferred me back to St Johns Clerks Office.

So now my options are:
1) Pay $40 within 30 days.
2) Fill "PT Court Request.doc", get court date, arrive at court and risk to loose extra $40 if I found guilty.

"Just pay" (1) is obviously a cheaper option, because there would be no time spent and no risk to get extra $40 court fee.

Court option (2) is more time consuming, but would satisfy my curiosity about where it is ok to park and what happens at court.

What do you think I should do and what is most likely outcome in court?

Part 3 - The Closure
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Got my first parking ticket.
For parking under a tree on a grass.
All normal parking spaces were full (first warm day on a beach), some cars were parking that the same way, and "no parking" sign was not at that parking place.

I emailed to St. Johns county's "parking tickets" department my "why did you fine me?" question.
Will see how it will end up.

Part 2, Part 3 - The Closure


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