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War Machine is a funny political satire movie (at least for the first 30 minutes of it) with Brad Pitt and ""Eric" from "That '70s Show".
You do whatever you can to stimulate the local economy.
- Heroin is the only thing bringing money into the area.
Not that I like to think where the money is going to, exactly, but money keeps the people happy, so we're rolling with that.
- Can't they grow something else?
- Yeah, they could grow cotton. Cotton would grow here.
- Why don't they grow cotton, then?
- Because the United States Congress will not allow any United States aid and development funds to be directed towards the cultivation of a crop that will end up on the world market in competition with US farmers.
- Oh.
- Which pretty much rules out cotton.
- Sure.
- So we're growing heroin instead.
- Right.
- I think we're doing a pretty good job here, sir.
The reality is a little bit more nuanced though.

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What exactly does "ЛШТШФУМ Ащьф" mean and how come it translates into "KINIAEV Foma"?

They fixed it in the second part - "The Bourne Supremacy".
Now it is "КИНИЯЕВ Фома".
But then they changed passport's serial number from "50№0287846" to "51№7106126".

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Just watched The Green Prince: the documentary about how the oldest son of one of Hamas leaders spies for Israeli intelligence and then later on goes public with that story.

Aside of main protagonist making unusual choices, the film also shows how Israeli intelligence operates (including how much they know about Hamas), how immigration system in the US works and how a top spy can retire.

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Just watched The Baader Meinhof Complex movie.
It's a very impressive mixture of modern actor's play and documentary about left-wing German terrorists in 1960-s and 1970-s.
One of surprises of the movie was that Soviet Union was never mention -- like it didn't exist at all (consider that the movie is about _left_ wing terrorists).
Main playfield is Germany, but few other countries are mentioned, including the United States, Yemen, and Somalia.

The movie is not for everyone. It starts with tons of nudity and has lots of blood and violence in it.
Modern world seems pretty calm and safe in comparison.


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