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That was unexpected and I even thought it is a joke. But it is not a joke.

Why would Microsoft buy the largest job board?
Microsoft is in a different business.

1) What a terrible time to be burning that much cash, just before the next recession, and on a resume site. I was starting to see some good things coming from Microsoft but this makes me shake my head and question leadership big time.

2) I suspect major LinkedIn investors shopped around the company and financial-engineered a sophisticated kickback
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My LinkedIn account is active again.
See: Your LinkedIn account has been temporarily restricted

When LinkedIn blacklisted my account, my best guess was that I was banned for inviting people to connect who I personally did not know (I did a lot of invitations like that - mostly to people who already have 10+ shared LinkedIn connections with me).
But no. It was not that.

It was that I mentioned my web site ( in occasional LinkedIn private messages that I sent through LinkedIn to my direct contacts.
I could not find anything against mentioning my web site in private messages in LinkedIn Don'ts.

I probably sent less than 3 LinkedIn private messages per week (and only some of these messages included my web site).
For comparison: I sent ~10 times more LinkedIn invitations (without any message).

Anyway, it seems that LinkedIn customer support is somewhat responsive.
It takes them couple of days to reply.
However if I just hit "reply" in my email - my reply goes to the black hole.

LinkedIn Response (05/11/2016 10:55 CST)
Hi Dennis,
Thanks for complying and adhering with our policies. The restriction has been lifted from your account.
Safety Operations
Member (05/10/2016 22:38 CST)

Country of Residence: United States

Please explain why you believe that the account restriction is in error.: I did not know that I could not mention my web site ( in my private messages to my direct connections.
Now that I know that - I will try not to mention my web site and will try to send even less private messages overall (I did not send many in the first place).

Do you have any additional information to add?: It is response to
this reply from LinkedIn customer support:
Hi Dennis,
I'm sorry it's taken this long to get back to you and thanks for being so patient.

Thank you for the email. We have received complaints from members stating you are messaging them regarding your website which is against out user agreement and we treat it as spam.
The account restriction will be lifted once you respond stating that you'll adhere to the LinkedIn User Agreement and Privacy Policy from this day forward.
Safety Operations Support Specialist

It looks like my email reply to Shanky disappeared.

By clicking the box below, I certify that I have read and agree to LinkedIn's, Do's and Don'ts and User Agreement: I agree

Typing your full name in this box will act as your digital signature.: Dennis Gorelik

Update (per mehanizator request:
My LinkedIn:
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Is it just me, or LinkedIn has a bug in their spam detection system and blocked multiple accounts?

I do not remember posting comments on the posts of LinkedIn members... not in the last few months anyway.

Got this email today:
Subject: Account High Restricted [160506-000045]

LinkedIn Response (05/06/2016 00:19 CST)
Hi Dennis,

We've identified that you've posted promotional updates or comments on the posts of LinkedIn members that appear to be unsolicited and or spam-like in nature.

Under the "DO's and DON'Ts" section of the LinkedIn User Agreement, you agree not to post any unsolicited or unauthorized advertising, "junk mail," "spam," "chain letters," "pyramid schemes," or any other form of solicitation unauthorized by LinkedIn.

We have these policies in order to protect the value of the LinkedIn network for everyone. For complete guidelines, please see the DO's and DON'Ts section of the LinkedIn User Agreement:

Your account has been suspended pending your response stating that you'll adhere to the LinkedIn User Agreement and Privacy Policy from this day forward.

I look forward to your response.


Safety Operations Support - Specialist
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Step 1: Get 500 connections.

Step 2: Play on "People You May Know" page.
- Add only people with who you already have somebody in common.
- 1 shared connection is "meh".
- Hunt for 20+ shared connections.
- Briefly review profiles of catchy new contacts: what do they do, why they have so many shared contacts?
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LinkedIn does not allow me to see email addresses of my direct connections anymore:

Time to stop using LinkedIn?


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