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Santhosh claims in his resume that he is a Web deveper.
Interview showed that he is probably a web or graphic designer. But not a developer.
He mentioned Javascript, but when I started to talk with him about specific task that could be implemented in Javascript - he quickly gave up.
All people on his team have "Senior System Analyst" title, but from my understanding, Santhosh is a junior at his role.
When describing the accomplishments, Santhosh used word "we". Sometimes "we" meant him, and sometimes "we" meant his team.
Skype audio connection was good (which is not typical for Skype calls to India). That is probably because Santhosh worked (on the bench) from his employer office.
2000 rupees per day ($30/day = ~$700/month).

Unfortunately nothing of what Santhosh can do a meaningful contribution to PostJobFree: we need mostly backend work (middle-tier, parser, SQL queries and database design) or solid UX. Santhosh did not show signs of either of that knowledge.
So I told Santhosh that his skills do not match what I am looking for and asked him if he has any questions for me.
He did not have any questions.
Few minutes later he messaged me:
Santhosh: Hi is any possibility to give one task related to Ui Ux Design and see if I didn't complete we can drop for further or else we will continue as well
Ui Ux/Front-end Development
Dennis: I do not have tasks suitable for your skills
This was a 27 minutes interview.
I should learn to recognize such mismatches much faster.
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Couple of days ago I interviewed Volodimir from Ukraine.
Volodymyr promised to work 6 days per week 14 hour per day for about $1500/mo.
His expertise is in writing "data processing" code.

I asked Volodymyr to give me examples of input and output of his processes.
Volodimir said that the input could be anything.
I asked him to be more specific, so I could understand.
Volodimir kept insisting that it could be any data.
I asked what kind of business problem does that process solve.
Volodimir kept insisting that it does not matter.
Eventually we both gave up in frustration.
I wrote to Volodymyr "your skills probably would not work out for working with me -- I simply would not be able to communicate with you clearly".
Volodymyr replied:
This is a content of one column of one row of more than 1000000 rows which I use as input data : "2025050201401014016060 6090305025050201401014016060609030507014010901303016014".
If this is interested for You - try to understand what is this.
Your knowleges in programming is so low.
At first, You need to understand what is a main tasks of programming.
At second, You need to choose a tasks which You will solve and decide for why You need it.
You absolutely not understanding bases of programming.
When You will have enough skills in programming You will stop ask "an examples of data you are working".
I think - speaking skills of Russian, English or other languages for speaking about nothing - is just spent time. 
I`m usually very busy. 
And don`t want spent time.All Your conclusions is - big mistake.
I don`t want spent time for nothing.
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That interview causes cognitive dissonance.
Of course UAE is an advanced country with GDP per Capita $43K (below the US, but above UK).
But UAE not exactly the most technologically advanced country. They are on a consuming side of technology.
So that interview was a little bit unexpected.

Both Elon Musk and the interviewer - Mohammed Al Gergawi (a Minister of Cabinet Affairs of the UAE) were a little bit nervous.
Al Gergawi mostly asked Musk his list of prepared questions (a pretty good list) and almost did not interrupt Musk. That resulted in a "psychologist session" for Musk: he drifted away from more generic questions (such as "why are you pushing the limits?") toward the topics he likes to tals about (how he made decision about building reusable rockets).

One time during interview Al Gergawi Musk and it added some embarrassment to both Musk and Gergawi:
Al Gergawi: Why it is dangerous? I mean there is two view; one view is the artificial intelligence to help humanity, there is another school of think or thought is artificial intelligence as a threat to humanity. Why is it?

Elon Musk:
Well, I think it's both. You know – it's like – one way to think of it is, imagine we're going to be visited – imagine you're very confident that we're going to be visited by super intelligent aliens in, let's say, 10 years or 20 years at the most - super intelligent.

Al Gergawi:
So you think within 20 years ...

Elon Musk: Yeah so.

Al Gergawi: ... we'll have alien in Earth?

Elon Musk: [Surprised] Ha-ha. [Switching to a serious tone] Well, digital super intelligence will be like an alien.

Al Gergawi: It will be like an alien?

Elon Musk: Yeah.

Al Gergawi: But my question is: "do you think there is either intelligent life outside there"?

Elon Musk: It seems probable, but I think this is one of the great questions in physics and philosophy is where are the aliens; maybe they're among us, I don't know. Some people think I'm an alien. [Applause]
Not true. Not true.

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A job seeker asked me if "Reliance Capital Limited" company that contacted her is a legitimate employer.
Judging by the company name and the way they communicated with her (text-only) - it probably is a scam.

But in order to find out for sure if recruiter is real deal:
1) Call them (scammers frequently try to avoid talking on the phone and hide behind text messages and emails).
2) Assume that there could be a scammer on another end and do not reveal your sensitive personal details.
3) Typical signs of scammers:
- Bad phone connection quality (because scammers frequently use internet proxy).
- _Heavy_ foreign accent from a poor country (typically Nigerian accent, but occasionally could be Russian or some other accent). The scammer would may insist that they are in the US or in London.
- Incoherent business story (ask them what they sell to their customers).


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