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Couple of days ago a scam team, in order to sign up for premium membership on -- hacked couple of real business emails: and
Both emails seems to belong to real estate agents.

I was able to find and reach actual owners of these email addresses on the phone.
They do not seem to be very concerned about their email addresses being compromised.
Both email owners confirmed that they did not make premium orders on our web site and then indicated that they prefer to continue with their other business instead of digging deeper into that email hacking ...

How much would you care if you learned that your email account was hacked?

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When PostJobFree user marks our email as spam in their email inbox (e.g. on yahoo, gmail or aol) - we delete that user account from PostJobFree.
In addition, we blacklist such email and do not allow creating another account with such email.

The reason behind it is to improve email deliverability to the inboxes of users who actually want to receive our emails.

So, when PostJobFree visitor is trying to create new account with blacklisted email, PostJobFree shows:
We blacklisted your email because on 2015-11-30 16:28:27 UTC you marked email PostJobFree sent to you as spam in your inbox.
Could you please let us know at why you marked our email as spam?
Meanwhile you may try using another email.

Yesterday I received angry email from blacklisted user:
I tried to apply to a job today. The posting was from Beyond. I got an ugly message from you that said 8 months ago I listed one of your e-mails on AOL as spam and you blacklisted my e-mail address. You wanted to know why I listed you e-mail as spam. Since the incident you supposedly listed was 8 months ago I have no idea what you are talking about, nor would I remember any information.

I made a complaint to AOL.

How should I reply to that angry blacklisted user?

Update 1:
How to get spam reports feedback

Update 2:
From: Dennis Gorelik <>
To: johndoe <>
Sent: Thu, Jul 28, 2016 8:33 am
Subject: Re: Your e-mail

Could you please forward your AOL complaint (and their reply, if any) to me?

My concern is that if you randomly marked our email as spam in the past - it will keep happening in the future.
From: johndoe <>
Date: Thursday, July 28, 2016, 10:20:47 AM
Subject: Your e-mail

1. No reply from AOL, did not expect one.

2. If I had listed your site as spam none of your other e-mails, including this one, would have made it to me.

3. If you blacklisted my e-mail 8 months ago, why have I not seen anything until yesterday.

4. Remove my name from your system.

Bottom line: it rarely makes sense to deal with angry users.
The only real benefits from such communications are learning and entertainment.
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At PostJobFree we are sending out multiple emails.
For example, job search alerts.

These emails have links, and these links allow us to track users.

In addition to tracking user we may autologin users to our web site to make their life easier.
At the same time autologin from email link could be a security concern: what if a job seeker forwarded that email to a recruiter, so now that recruiter can autologin as the job seeker.

It's pretty much a trade off between convenience and security.

So far we allow job seekers to autologin using links in job alerts we send to them.
But we do not autologin recruiters:
Recruiters on average are more computer savvy and are able to autologing.
Recruiter's account is move valuable than average job seekers' account.

We also do not autologin based on old links (only 7-days old links support autologin).

What do you think: should we autologin users based on email links?


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