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I got an email reply from a job seeker to our "Your Best Skills" email:
Hello Dennis,

As a black woman in computer science and engineering, I am confused as to why my top job skill in the email you sent me was listed as "black". Please shed some light on this as it is being preceived as quite insensitive. See the attached picture for reference.

Quick investigation showed that her resume explicitly lists:
National Society of Black Engineers
Black women’s Association scholarship
Graduate Advisor for the UCR National Society of Black Engineers (NSBE) Chapter

So I replied:

You listed word "black" on your resume multiple times, so it was automatically added as your skill, since you put so much emphasis to it.

You are welcome to rearrange your skills here:

I already removed "black" skill from that list.

Does it help?

I considered removing word "black" from allowed skills list, but then remembered that there are such things as "black belt" (in management) and "black magic".

Besides, some job seekers may actually target jobs where they can reap benefits of affirmative action in big corporations.
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Why do you think people put National Association of Black Accountants on their resumes?

Here's how it works:
Government pressures big corporations for meeting diversity quotas.
So, if percentage of black employees at BigCo is below certain level - BigCo management is starting getting heat poured on their heads.
The next obvious step is to hire "diverse" people. But how do you do that, if hiring based on race is legally prohibited?

Here's when National Association of Black Accountants comes in handy: candidates who want to attract corporate interest to their diversity profile - put association name on their resumes, so now corporations can easily search for these diversity candidates.
Problem solved.


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