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About half a year ago Samsung released two pretty fast SSDs:
Samsung 960 EVO
$479.99 for 1TB

Samsung 960 PRO
$579.99 for 1TB

As you can see, PRO version is exactly $100 more expensive than EVO.

Does it worth?

According to specification:
960 EVO sequential read is up to 3.2GB/second.
960 PRO sequential read is up to 3.5GB/second.

However the reality is about 40% slower than advertising specification:
On my home server I got about 2GB/second sequential read for 960 EVO, and about 1.8 GB/second for 960 PRO.

To benchmark my SSDs I copied several files with ~80GB size into nul in Far Manager.

I used this motherboard (which is quite modern):
ASUS Motherboard, (PRIME Q270M-C/CSM)


Do you know what could be the reason why I cannot get promised 3.2 GB/second?
And why PRO has slower performance than cheaper EVO?

I even swapped PRO and EVO between NVMe slots on my motherboard, but the results were consistent: PRO was slower than EVO.

Update (thanks to mugunin):
Finally the benchmark that looks similar to what I measured (sequential read):
In our 2MB sequential benchmark, the Samsung 960 EVO recorded the best results in read with 2,308.5MB/s—even beating out the 960 Pro. On writes, it came in second with 1,660.9MB/s, only losing to the Pro version.
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From: Bing Ads Support
Date: Wednesday, October 21, 2015, 12:53:47 PM EDT
Subject: SRX1309484828ID - Bing Ads Support Follow Up

Dear Sir/Madam,

I am writing you today regarding your concern on Universal Event Tracking. UET is one features in Bing Ads that helps you track the behavior of the customer once they visit your website. Pleased be inform that our campaign analytics tool is no longer working. I have prepared a resources for your reference to learn more information about our Universal Event Tracking.

Universal Event Tracking

I will now be closing you service request number 1309484828. You may reply to this email within 7 days if you do not feel that your concern has been resolved or call us at 800-518-5689 and we will immediately re-open your service request.

It looks like Microsoft is clueless in running advertising platform on pretty much all levels: product design, engineering, support.


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