Mar. 1st, 2017

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A recruiter told me that when he interviews candidates - he asks them their salary history.
Not just what candidate is making now, but what candidate has been making on his previous positions too.

There are two main reasons why he asks salary information:
1) Make sure that hiring company is able to pay what candidate was making.
2) Check consistency of candidate's story (does claimed salary look similar to the typical compensation for the position like that?).

I asked him: "Do you give that salary history information to the hiring manager?"
He said: "No. There is no need to pass that information to the hiring manager".

I asked: "If candidate had salary that is significantly lower than current position pays - do you reduce the salary that company offers?"
He said: "No. Company already has compensation defined for that position."

I asked: "How many candidates agree to share salary history information?"
He said: "Almost all candidates talk about their past salaries."

That openness is a little bit surprising.
I myself, in the past, did not share my salary information with recruiters (but I shared how much I want to make at the new position).

Do you share your salary history when you talk with recruiters?


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